Long time ago I wanted to write posts in my own blog. So, the time has come.

I assume this blog as discussion platform for my projects and interesting insights, mostly in Data Science. I love this field.

Well, who am I?

My name is Andrey Zakharov. Now, I live in Moscow, Russia. I have come to data science about 4 years ago. I started using Abbyy Compreno as a start for one of my project. I didn’t understand how it works. Fortinately, I had a mentor. I think this is must for beginner. ( I remember I was asked to run a script and I didn’t even understand what epoch means :)) After that I had proceed with Coursera courses, started working on pet projects and then I get project for predicting end of dialogue in dating website. Well, this is where I really started my data science career.

What is this?

Well, as I said before, I assume this blog as discussion platform, where I can share my thoughts about some problems in Data Science. I like to say that I’m focused on NLP field. But, I’m interested in many fields of Data Science. Also, this is kind of my resume. And I hope you enjoy it.